Recovering the number of chunks used by makemap

This post has been superceded - see the new post "Recovering the number of chunks used by makemap - take 2".

As of today, the number of chunks of continuous time-series data used by makemap is recorded in the output map. It is stored in the NCHUNK item within the SMURF extension of the output map. So for instance, it can be viewed by doing:

   % kappa
   % setext mymap.sdf smurf get nchunk loop=no

If NCHUNK has a value of 1, then all the input time-stream data was processed as a single chunk. If NCHUNK is larger than 1, then either the computer had insufficient memory to process the data as a single chunk, or the data was not taken as a single continuous observation.

An rsync of the Hilo stardev system is required to use this new feature.

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